ZLC-957 on Binance DEX

Listing a trading pair is a rather advanced procedure in DEX. Foremost, the process starts by issuing a token on the Binance Chain which involves a fee of 400 BNB to acquire.

Once a token is issued successfully, then the token owner/team creates a listing proposal on the Chain. A proposal is a step to notify the validators your request of listing and allow them to vote. We can only turn list command with success after the proposal is voted as “pass” by the self-governed validators of the DEX.

In this step we had to specify the base asset that we wanted to list, quote asset and init price and when the proposal was succesfully passed, we had to use identical parameters to list. Once the proposal was passed by the validators, our team had a specific set time to code and get it listed in the TESTNET because if the provided time was expired than we wouldn’t have been able to list even if we were passed by validators.

ZLC-957 wherein “957” is our unique proposal ID for the TESTNET and ZLC is the token name.

Before validators can vote on the proposal we created, we had to deposit 2000 BNB to enable the voting procedure. Once BNB is deposited then the VotingPeriod begins which lasts upto 4 hours in the TESTNET and then gets approved or rejected.

As of date, ZLC-957 is a successfully passed and approved token on the Binance Chain by self-governed validators and therefore we are live. This integration will directly move to Binance Chain MAINNET as soon as it is live by Binance.

ZLC-957 on Binance DEX :



Information Source : https://binance-chain.github.io/list.html

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