ZelaaCoin Bonus Volume

As we revamped our sales strategy and introduced a referral based network model through which members could invite other members to purchase ZLC and earn bonuses on successful referrals in the time period from 07/07/2018 to 16/11/2018 we saw a sudden surge and increment in our sales.

The community started expanding very fast and we experienced a global outreach wherein we had participants from across the world. During this period we were constantly distributing the bonuses and to put more light on that distribution volume and to be rather specific & transparent to the audience and our community we are delighted to enlighten you with an insight that we dispersed an amount of a little over $1000000 (One-Million Dollars) just in paying out bonuses to the members.

To further make this claim more concrete, we also have filed the blockchain data with transaction hashes to validate the amount of bonuses we dispersed during this mere 4 month period.

The only reason we feel the need to let people know of this phenomenal growth volumes is to empower the communities and more members to participate in our ongoing referral plan wherein we are all set to break this record and only go higher in volumes this quarter.

Please find below the bitcoin blockchain data for bonuses dispersed –


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